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Concrete Stain | Masonry Paint

Dymacryl Concrete Stain was succesfully applied to the exterior of the building to match the team colors and to protect the concrete from moisture and weathering.

Dymacryl Masonry Stains are formulated to beautify, extend the life, and preserve the appearance of above ground concrete and masonry. They impart excellent water repellency to a wide variety of surfaces, improving their resistance to the effects of freeze-thaw cycling and other types of damage and deterioration caused by excess water absorption. Dymacryl Masonry Stains are based on a combination of 100% acrylic polymers and copolymers, color stable inorganic pigments, and surface penetrating agents. They have outstanding resistance to weather and chemicals, have excellent penetrating properties and are resistant to peeling and flaking. They exhibit superior color retention and are resistant to fading, discoloration, and yellowing upon exposure to weather and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. When applied properly, they will provide complete surface hiding power and will impart a colorfast, uniform appearance to concrete and masonry while preserving the original texture of the substrate. They will inhibit soiling of the surface, facilitate cleaning, and avoid darkening of surfaces when wet.

Dymacryl Masonry Stains

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