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HIGH HEAT Stainless Steel Paint


A ready to use high temperature stainless steel paint requires no mixing, applies easily for high heat applications. This revolutionary new paint will withstand temperatures up to 1,200°F is available from Dampney Company of Everett, Massachusetts.

Thurmalox®  282 Stainless Steel provides excellent adhesion to any cast or machined metal surface.  Once dried, this high temperature stainless steel paint is suitable for silencers, compressors, turbines, piping, process vessels, stove pipeheaters, vents, wood burning stoves, engines, headers, exhaust manifolds, mufflers, BBQ Pits, Smokers and grills and will resist 1,200°F.

Unlike other high heat stainless steel paint/coatings, this product will not chip, peal, crack and yellow at high temperatures. Attached are panels of the high temp stainless steel paint and showcases what happens at elevated temperatures. Dampney Co. Inc. offers a full line of stove paints that withstand heat up to 1200°F for manufacturers, restorers, and homeowners finishing wood, coal, pellet and coal burning stoves.

Stainless Steel paint for High Temperature Applications is available in aerosol cans, quarts and gallon cans.

For more information contact:

Alvin Products

A Division of Dampney Company, Inc.

Dennis Aikman, Marketing Director

85 Paris St.

Everett, MA 02149

(617) 389-2805  FAX (617) 389-0484


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