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Dampney Co. Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized protective coatings. They make paint for some of the largest corporations in the world. Some examples of the industrial coatings they manufacture are


·        High Temperature Water Based Paint

·        High Heat Silver Paint

·        White high heat paint brush on

·        High Temp Header paint

·        Barbecue grill paint

·        Custom bbq smoker paint

·        Engine Block paint

·        Wood burning smoker paint

·        High Temp clear coat

·        BBQ enamel paint

·        Black heat resistant paint for metal

·        High temp spray paint

·        High heat clear gloss spray paint

·        Ultra high heat paint

·        High Temp Manifold paint

·        High heat aluminum paint

·        Industrial high temperature paint

·        Heat coating for headers

·        High temperature heat resistant paint

·        Flat black heat resistant paint

·        High temperature muffler paint

·        Flat Black heat resistant paint

·        BBQ Pit paint for high temperatures

·        BBQ Paint for high heat applications

·        High temperature spray paint

·        Heat resistant spray paint

·        High temperature paint colors

·        Muffler paint

·        High heat paint brush on

·        High heat stainless steel paint

·        High temp silver spray paint

·        High heat enamel spray paint

·        High temp wood stove paint

·        Paint High heat

·        Clear high temperature paint

·        High temp paint gallon

·        Semi gloss high temp paint

·        High heat clear spray paint

·        Best bbq paint

·        Best exhaust manifold paint

·        Best high temp engine paint

·        Very high temp paint

·        Exhaust header coating

·        White heat proof paint

·        High temperature resistant paint

·        Best heat resistant paint

·        Industrial Paint

·        Industrial Coating

·        Industrial Paint for metal

·        Custom BBQ Pit Paint

·        Custom BBQ Smoker Paint



Dampney packages industrial coatings in aerosol cans, quarts, gallons, five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums and can formulate different gloss levels and will color match to customer supplied colors using the latest technology in high temperature pigments and resins. 

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