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Since 1917, Dampney Company, Inc. has manufactured technically advanced, corrosion resistant protective coatings for specialized applications in industries including refining, chemical processing, primary metal, utility, pulp and paper and OEM.  Our valued customers include many of the world’s largest corporations.


Dampney’s experience in the field of high performance coatings dates back to 1906 when English researcher John Dampney first produced and marketed Apexiorâ Number 1â, a unique protective coating capable of preventing corrosion of the internal surfaces of steam boilers, turbines, and auxiliary equipment. Application of Apexior coatings solved many costly corrosion problems for the English power industry.  A market for Apexior quickly developed here in the U.S. power industry.  To fulfill this growing demand, a group of U.S. investors incorporated The Dampney Company of America in Boston, Massachusetts in 1917, manufacturing and marketing Apexiorâ brand corrosion-resistant coatings under license from the English firm of J. Dampney and Co., Ltd. 


Success in this demanding application in the U.S. power industry established Dampney’s reputation as a pioneer in the field of corrosion control and inspired our corporate mission:  to develop high-performance protective coatings for special exposures, operating conditions, and end uses.  Dampney’s Thurmaloxâ coatings exemplify our commitment to solving industry’s most extreme coating problems.  Our Thurmalox line offers solutions for harsh environments including extreme temperatures, corrosion under insulation, high-build corrosion, hot water-side corrosion, and in-service hot equipment applications. 



Dampney continues to develop and improve industry’s choice of innovative, right-the-first-time coating systems for protection against hostile environments in atmospheric, immersion, and underground applications. Coating systems are based on a broad range of polymers and pigments resistant to chemicals, extreme heat and weather.  Individual coatings and systems are tailored for application to masonry, metal, plastic, and wooden surfaces.
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