Cold Galvanizing Paint

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Alvin Products offers Cold Galvanizing paint in aerosol cans, quarts and gallons.

• Maximum content in dry film

• Easy brush or spray application

• Simple handling-single package epoxy


• No pot life limitation

• Easy mixing-no hard settling of pigment

• Excellent wetting and penetration properties

• Flexible films with excellent adhesion

• Air dries quickly-set to touch in one hour

• Up to 5 mils dry film thickness per coat

• Can be applied over a wider range of temperatures and

relative humidities than two-component epoxies




Operating Temperature Range…

Surface temp. during application…

Weight per gallon…

% solids by volume…

Coverage per gallon (theoretical*)…

Operating temperature range…

Surface temperature at time of application…

Dry film thickness per coat…

Wet film thickness per coat…

Flash Point (Pensky-Martens)…

Drying time at 70°F…

Shelf Life…

Salt fog exposure (5% @ 100 oF)…

Ultraviolet light…

Relative humidity res. (100% @ 100 oF…

Water immersion (@75 oF)…

Weather resistance…


Safety equipment required…

Metallic Gray


-40oF – 180oF

50 oF minimum

24 lbs.


800 sq. ft. / mil

-40°F to +180°F (dry)

50°F minimum

2.5-3 mils

5-6 mils

101°F minimum

Set to touch 1 hour

Recoat time 12 hours

1 year

500 hours minimum


500 hours minimum

500 hours minimum

Excellent – no loss of protection after prolonged exposure

Flammable during application. Dried film not combustible.

See MSDS. Take precautions exercised for any flammable paint.

*Note: actual coverage rate will vary depending upon material losses during mixing and application, and upon type and condition of

surface to be coated. Allowance must be made for losses when estimating material requirements.

Galvax zinc-rich coating protects metal

zinc-rich coating protects metal

surfaces with a film of sacrificial zinc in a

manner similar to hot dip galvanizing. It is a

zinc-rich coating based on an epoxy-ester resin.

The dried film contains 93% zinc by weight.

Galvax protects steel surfaces subjected to a

wide variety of corrosive influences, and is

particularly useful for recoating or spot-priming

weathered or damaged galvanized surfaces. It

has excellent recoating properties.


• Electrical transmission towers and

related structures

• Structural steel: bridges, buildings,

offshore rigs

• Chemical process piping and equipment

• Pulp and paper equipment

• Oil and gas production, processing and

distribution equipment


Alvin Products, division of Dampney Co., Inc., Everett, Mass.

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