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A U.S. Paint Manufacturer launched a web site that features articles and news about paint and coatings and new product offerings latest to the paint and coatings industry. Categories for these news articles include high heat coatings, corrosion under insulation, metal repair and patching compounds, high temperature fillers, hot surface coating, direct to metal paint, galvanized primer paint, stainless steel under insulation coating, galvanized paint, high temperature automotive coatings, boiler paint, rubber spray sealant,  temperature indicating paint, solar collector coating, bbq pit paint, underground pipe coating, high temperature stove paint, high temperature exhaust paint, high temperatures engine paint, forge paint, maintenance coatings, silencer paint,  smoker paint, high temp bbq paint, high temp aluminum paint, toll manufacturing and custom color matching of high temperature paint & coatings.

Each Paint and Coatings news release article will feature helpful insight as to custom formulations, features and benefits and design through application which will be helpful to architects, engineers, those who specifies coatings, contractors and industrial painting applicators, job shops and OEMs. While targeting news groups, blogs, social media and internet marketing the manufacturer is hoping to provide quality articles, advice and coating suggestions as it pertains to each category and specific application.

Key focuses and content will include the importance of surface preparation based on each application, barrier protection on various metal surfaces, thin film vs. high build coatings, custom coatings for unique applications, ceramic coatings for extreme heat resistance, advanced coating formulations, flexible coatings, painting applications, heat and color stability, rust and corrosion prevention and color and gloss retention at high temperatures.

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