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Chrome Plating Epoxy Repair

Lab-metal repair compound solves cosmetic patching problems for chrome platers and metal finishers Lab-metal, a ready-to-use metal repair and patching compound, provides fast, platable repairs to metal. The dent filler requires no two-part mixing and hardens simply by exposure to air. Lab-metal fills dents, seals seams, patches cracks and smooths imperfections. Lab-metal withstands temperatures to 350F (or one-time exposures to 425F). Hi-Temp Lab-metal withstands temperatures to 1000F.

The single-component metal putties from Alvin Products are spread with a putty knife or similar tool. Thinned with Lab-solvent, Lab-metal may be brushed or sprayed onto the surface for a rustproof, metallic coating. Lab-solvent enhances the workability of Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal – the applicator is simply immersed into Lab-solvent during smoothing.

Alvin Lab-metal products are essential repair products for platers and metal finishers, welders, fabricators, powder coaters, metal furniture manufacturers, and dozens of metalworking industries. Lab-metal is packaged in seven sizes and is sold through stocking distributors.

Instructions for plating parts repaired with Lab-metal:

Follow directions for Lab-metal application. (“Aluminum prep”)

  • Alkaline cleaner
  • Aluminum etch
  • Deoxidation
  • Zincate
  • Deoxidation
  • Zincate
  • Acid and copper plate
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
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