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How-to spray paint a BBQ Pit / Smoker or Antique Stove

There’s no need to buy a new smoker, barbecue pit or wood burning stove, simply use Thurmalox High Heat Stove & BBQ Pit Paint to restore the exterior metal surface. 

1. Move your outdoor cooking equipment  to an open space outside or in a well-ventilated area. You may want to mask the surrounding area with newspaper to protect it from over spray.

2. Remove any loose rust, paint, dirt, and grease with a wire brush or sanding disc if sandblasting is not an option. Wipe clean with Acetone, Toluene or Xylene.  Remove or mask off any part you do not want paint to stick to. High Heat BBQ Pit paint will only adhere to a properly prepared surface. The paint for barbecue grills will not adhere to a surface that has already been coated with a porcelain finish which is shiny and smooth.

3. Apply Thurmalox 245 Primer which will prevent future rust and corrosion to the entire outer surface of the barbecue pit/smoker. Apply finish coat of the color you choose. Follow the application tips and drying times on the can or technical data sheet. Reattach all removed parts when dry. For a porcelain-like appearance top coat with Thurmalox Clear Gloss.

For more information on aerosol cans, quarts, gallons clear gloss, primer, application instructions and ordering information visit

*Apply paint in thin coats and not in one heavy coat which could cause blistering, peeling, cracking.
*The paint air dries but then needs to see heat (heat cure) @ 350F for about 45 minutes in order to long lasting, heat resistant finish that is durable, UV stable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Or contact Dampney Company direct for sales and technical assistance.

Why high temperature paint might fail;

Improper surface preparation
Application- too thick
Not enough dry time between coats
Surface contamination
Avoided shaking of paint
Heat Cured too quick or too hot

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